Host and Infrastructure Security
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Host Hardening
Principles    Host-Based Firewalls    Unix    Windows
Network Security
Firewalls    Switched Networks    VPN    SSL/TLS    IPSEC    SSH
Intrusion Detection & Intrusion Protection
Network    Host    Appliances
Overview    PKI    PGP    GnuPG    OpenPGP standard    OpenSSL    APIs
Transparent file/directory encryption    Encrypted network shares
GNU SASL    Kerberos    GSS-API    Single-Signon (SSO)    PAM
Certificates    Tokens, Smartcards & One-Time Passwords    Biometrics
Shortcomings of Password-Based Authentication (CMU Paper)
Evaluating Advanced Authentication Methodologies (Deloitte & Touche Presentation)
Authorisation Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
Secure Development
Best Practices for Secure Development (Peteanu)
@stake Secure Development Lifecycle
User & Resource Management
Principles & Methods    Directory Services    Single-Signon (SSO)
Physical Security,10801,81589,00.html (ComputerWorld article) (CCCure training)
Penetration Testing
Principles & Methods    Tools
Disaster Recovery / BCP
Principles & Methods    Tools