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The Elements of Style:  Unix as Literature There is no substitute for the power, or the charm, of the written word
AAXNET An independent systems integrator shares views on Microsoft and much else Security-related articles, resources and mailing lists (including BUGTRAQ).
More security links here
Home of the Free Software Foundation, and front page to the GNU software archive.
Check out their Licenses page to see through common FUD about GNU/GPL
The world's largest Open Source software development website.  Project tracking,
support & development contacts, downloads
The Web's largest index of Unix and cross-platform software, themes, and Palm OS software
The Jargon File
Eric S Raymond's resource of IT definitions, technical and otherwise
The free, and widely contributed to, and arguably indispensable, online encyclopedia
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way Another indispensable ESR resource
Spanish IT Links
For those interested in learning Spanish IT terms and phrases
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Security & Admn Tools
Some handy tools for security, sysadmin and remote access
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